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Let’s understand the notion of web designing and development through a series of questions. These questions will help you figure out your needs, and then you can take the big leap.

History of the first website:

Do you know when was the first website created? The first website on the world wide web went live almost 21 years ago, in August 1991. It was since then when the concept of web design and web development came into the picture. Although the entire process became more complex as the internet itself has evolved. Companies uncovered different tools and templates for customization and choosing the right ones is an imperative step of website creation.

First of all, what is a website?

According to Wikipedia, A website is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server. Notable examples are wikipedia.org, google.com, and amazon.com. A company can use its website to offer products/services on a global platform. It also helps you focus on one of the four growth strategies in marketing called the “Market Development Strategy’’.


Why do you need a website?

A website acts as a digital business card for a company: people can reference it again and again for things like contact information, names of employees, services offered, and more.

What is web designing and web development?

Web design and development contain two major skill sets: Web designing that decides the appearance and feel of your website and web development that determines how the website will function. These are a part of the website creation process.

Categorically, web development can be done in two ways. One is front-end development and the other is back-end development. Using coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript to implement a design is called front-end development. These languages make it possible for users to interact with buttons, images, text, contact forms, and navigation menus. Back-end developers make sure applications, databases, and servers work together perfectly using languages like Ruby, PHP, .Net, and Python along with frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Code Igniter.

WDD & Imagispark:

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