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How Social Media played an important role during pandemic.

Published 30-06-20215 min read0 comments
Social media seems to be everywhere these days. It has become a major factor in the world, especially during these pandemic days. For many of us, it is how we keep up with what our friends are up to, even if they’re on the other side of ...
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Black Hat SEO Practices

Published 22-09-20215 min read0 comments
The black hat SEO refers to a collection of methods used to enhance a site's or page's rank in search engines by violating the search engines' terms of service. The phrase "black hat " arose in Western films to differentiate the "bad people " from the "good ones, " who wore white hats....
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POEM Digital Marketing Strategy

Published 27-09-20215 min read0 comments
In the Internet age, paid media is no longer the only or best option for small company owners. Profitable businesses, on the other hand, employ POEM: Paid, Owned, and Earned Media marketing strategies to acquire and keep consumers. This is referred to as converged media by some marketing professionals.....
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